About Us

Guadalupe C. Gonzales

Founder & CEO

Licensed Acupuncturist-TX AC00506


Who We Are

The Integrative Wellness Clinic is a holistic health company located in San Antonio, Texas that was founded by Guadalupe "Lupe" Gonzales. We are an integrated clinic that draws on our extensive understanding of alternative and Western medicines to offer each patient a total healthcare experience. The holistic approach to wellness is a concept that invites all aspects of a person's needs. This includes the psychological, physical, social, and spiritual elements. It is our goal to help our clients better understand the importance of the mind & body connection to their health care. At IWC we believe a holistic approach to wellness is necessary. For a complete list of our natural, acupuncture, functional medicine and herbology services, please view our Services page.

Our Staff

Lupe is originally from Brownsville, Texas. He began his education in 1972 at Texas Southmost College, then transferred to University of Texas (Austin) where he took classes from 1974-77. Shortly after he decided he had an interest in Business & Finance. He also received a license in real-estate and then pursued a career in real-estate. Although these milestones were in-line towards a healthy career, Lupe always felt there was something missing. An aspect that would make him feel whole would soon come to fruition. Overtime, Lupe developed a strong love for Martial Arts and began studying the practice in 1977. After years of studying the art form, in 1997, Lupe enrolled in the Academy of Oriental Medicine in Austin, TX. He received his Masters of Science degree in Oriental Medicine in 2000. He has been a licensed acupuncturist since then providing excellent care to all of his patients.

Lupe’s goal for his clients

With over 30 years of combined experience in martial arts, oriental medicine, and holistic methods, Lupe’s main goal is to help patients achieve optimal health. Lupe intends to incorporate a mixture of traditional methods, along with good nutrition and exercise into today’s modern society one patient at a time.