Electroacupuncture San Antonio & The Integrative Wellness Clinic

Electroacupuncture Treatment

Electroacupuncture is used by acupuncturist in a similar way as regular acupuncture, as it uses the same pressure points. It has been around since the 1950’s with great success. The difference happens when a small electric current is passed thru the needles. This treatment increases the acupuncture’s effectiveness at relieving symptoms such as pain and other illnesses, the sessions are usually 30 minutes long.

Where is this treatment available in San Antonio?

Guadalupe Gonzalez has been performing acupuncture treatments including Electroacupuncture for over 30 years. By incorporating a complete a complete optimize plan tailor made to each patient’s needs, Lupe as we all call him has been able to help countless number of people with Traditional Chinese Medicine infuse with the newest advancements. Contact Acupuncture San Antonio today and be on your way to a better you!


What conditions does Electroacupuncture treats?

When clinical research has been performed this type of acupuncture has been effective at treating pain, muscle spasms and neurological issues. By also activating certain points of the body it can help with the treatment of heart disease, infertility, muscle spasms, hypertension, nausea, weight gain and even skin problems and more.


Is Electroacupuncture Safe?

For the majority of people Electroacupuncture is very safe. We do not recommend it to epilepsy patients or does with a history of seizures. If you are using a pace maker it’s also not a good idea to do this type of treatment. If you are worried about the electric shock that the treatment gives, don’t. The small electric currents just give you a small tingling sensation. So go ahead talk to your doctor about this treatment.



Electroacupuncture works best when a qualified acupuncturist performs it.

Just as with any skill we try, such as playing a musical instrument, anyone can try it but it’s best one perform by an experts. This also goes for Electroacupuncture make sure you choose a skilled, licensed, experienced acupuncturist for best results.