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I have suffered from lower chronic lumbar pain for over 6 years. I was very surprised after my very first acupuncture session with Lupe/Integrative Wellness Clinic of San Antonio. It definitely relieves stress knowing that I have friends right around the corner at IWC. I’m looking forward to my next sessions and access to alternative medications for relief.

Xavier Toson, San Antonio, TX

I was referred to Lupe by one of his patients, who had success with acupuncture for her arthritis and swelling of the knee. I started seeing Lupe because I was in excruciating back pain from a spinal fusion operation I had in 2008. I was using a walker and cane to get around. The surgery left me with very little mobility. I was taking a lot of pain and fibromyalgia medications, and my back was very swollen and hard with scar tissue build up. I had exhausted all other methods of trying to get relief and nothing worked, so I decided to give acupuncture a chance. After initial treatment the swelling in my back had gone down, and my pain had lessened too. I have continued to see Lupe every other week since Sept 2011, I no longer use my walker or cane. I have gotten off many of my pain medicines and I am no longer on any fibromyalgia medicines. Lupe is very discreet, respectful, and caring. Lupe takes the time to get to know each of his patients so that you get individual care you deserve and need.

Marisa Contreras

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